KUALA LUMPUR DESIGN WEEK is Malaysia’s biggest annual design festival with its main objective is to showcase what we don’t have and to enhance what we do have. The thrust of the KLDW festival idea is to produce a skilled, qualified, experienced creative human capital. The festival program is to instill, stimulate and magnify our country’s creative productivity by sharing latest information, knowledge and experience through our series of educational symposia and exhibition experience series.

As the first of its kind and the largest of it's industry, the KLDW project is a vital tool for the development of our nation, as it will provide an important role in enlightening the community about the significance of the Creative Economy and to encourage the education of design in various aspects of cultural developments within the region. Apart from the huge potential of commercial rewards, this exercise will undoubtedly shape the new culture of good design habits and will also help in profiling our existing homegrown talents to the eyes of the world.

KLDW is a project for the love of creativity in design, to all and every Malaysians. Hence, your involvement in this festival, be it as an exhibitor, a participant, or just a mere admirer, it will be tremendously appreciated. It is hoped that this festival will garner a newborn interest from all of you, because only with your collective support and spirit that this celebration can be celebrated!

Thank you and Wassalam.

Dato' Izuldin Hani
Kuala Lumpur Design Week 2011

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